Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jim Rogers says commodities will rebound after drop (update 1 from Bloomberg)

Bloomberg's journalists have been speaking with good old commodity guru's Jimmy Rogers and Marc Faber about commodities.

``I don't see that it's the end of the bull market,'' the chairman of Rogers Holdings, said in an interview in Bangkok before speaking at an investor conference later today. ``Until either a lot of supply comes on stream or the economy collapses, the bull market will continue,'' he said.

Soybeans, copper, platinum and crude oil have dropped from all-time highs after a rally in the dollar curbed demand for raw materials as a hedge against inflation and concerns increased that economic growth will slow. Sixteen of the 19 commodities in the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index fell this month, after the index plunged 10 percent in July, the biggest such drop in 28 years.

``I am contemplating whether it's time to get involved in base metals again,'' Rogers, 65, said today. ``I haven't bought any for awhile.''

Gold fell to the lowest since October on Aug. 15, while platinum had the biggest intraday loss since 2001. Aluminum has dropped 18 percent from a record on July 11 and Nickel is down 26 percent in the past year.


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