Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few words of wisdom from Confucius

Happy b-lated Labor Day to all my fellow US-Americans out there in cyberspace. I hope you spent it with friends and family and made it to work this morning without a hangover.

CSA (China South America) is going to begin the US work week with some rather enlightening words of wisdom from one of the wise men of the ancient world -- Confucius.

Confucius on Self-Cultivation --
"The man of virtue only practices what hes practiced."

Confucius on Humanity and Morality --
"A man who has faith in humanity always puts a lot of hard work before he is duly rewarded. Such a man may be regarded as a bearer of the virtue of humanity."

Confucius on Education --
"When you know a thing, say that you know it; when you do not know a thing, admit that you do not know it. That is wisdom."

Confucius on State Governing --
"Incorrect wording of status will lead to an irrational stream of speech; irrational stream of speech will lead to failure in handling affairs; failure in handling affairs will lead to impossibility to promote the rites and music; impossibility to promote the rites and music will lead to improperness in enacting penalty; improperness in enacting the penalty will lead to panic among the people."

Confucius on Family --
"A son should keep in mind the age of his parents, for he should feel joyful for their healthiness and at the same time fearful for their aging."

Confucius on Philosophy --
"If one fails in making friends with those who are well established in the doctrine of the mean, one should associate with those are are ambitious and those who adhere to moral principles. Those who are ambitious tend to be enterprising and those are adhere to moral principles seldom do evil deeds."

~ Confucius 551 BC – 479 BC