Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas -- China-South America name has been officially changed to South-South Cooperation and ha moved to a new web address

Click here to access the new site @

In honor of ushering in the new year I've decided to officially change the name and address of this new reel. When I've been able to apply my full attention to updating and writing my own analysis of political and financial news, I've focused on events pertaining to countries in South America or China. When possible, I especially try to share stories and my personal take on cooperation between emerging markets of the "developing south." Third, due to China's dire need for commodity inputs to fuel their development and the abundance supply of many of the commodities needed by developing nations in South America, commodities are an obvious area which I will attempt to report stories that may not garner much attention in main stream press.

Welcome to South-South Cooperation. A humble news and analysis site on the vast internet, updated by a humble Peruvian-American economist from New York City who simply wants to share some thoughts and interesting news on topics frequently marginalized by the big names in media.