Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Readers --

I must apologize for the lack of good quality updates these past few weeks. New responsibilities and traveling have kept me busy and left me little time to be a news hound to the extent I have been this past year or so.

As a result I've decided to start a new routine with this website. I will from this point forth make updates 2-4 times a week. The new style and form of these updates will consist of various links to news worthy stories from the previous days concerning commodities, south-south cooperation, international finanance, political developments (focusing on China and South America) and other relevant events from online media/ scholarly writings. Each post will also include my own personal analysis of the news articles and or about the underlying topic from their content.

I also wanted to mention that as of September 15th I will be moving out East. I begin a short trip to Singapore and Japan for 2 weeks on the 15th and will eventually be settling up shop in China in early October. I look forward to providing the best analysis of this rising, commodity hungry super-power from the ground up to all readers.

Of course you may begin to notice less links to places such as BBC, CNN (whom I don't think I've really ever used as a source here since I despise them by and large), and more links to Chinese media and other media sources that use content from AP, Reuters or Bloomberg but don't rise the same red flag some sites illicit when trying to be accessed from China. (I may even end up deleting this post before I get there). China is a great country, and despite my love of fast and free internet one must respect the rules of ones host-- that is the sensitive barriers the country has in place to prevent "un-desirable" content from being published or accessed on the web.

Thanks and apologies to my daily readers that I will no longer be able to provide "breaking news" updates. I do promise to up the quality of my analysis and keep you posted with good news you won't hear about as you watch the mind-numbing media of today's world (CNN, Fox News I mean you).