Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great blog, written by a wise man living in China

Jonathan (Jono) Warren is a friend of mine who is currently living in Beijing, but is moving to Kashgar, Xinjiang. You know the place where all the riots occurred a little while ago. He is beginning a tea business, where he will be importing Pakistani tea into China, packaging it in China and then selling it to super markets in the West.

Sounds crazy right? Well, regardless of your thoughts of this brief description of his business, the man is quite well read and paints a incredible story with his words... which you can find at his blog Garbage and Noodles (http://garbageandnoodles.blogspot.com/)

Here is a small excerpt from his most recent post "I sing, you sing, we all sing"

Up in Changbaixian, Liu Baiguo was that grower. The owner of a local Chinese-medicine shop (中药房), recommended Mr. Liu as his farm was the closest to the city, but produced some of the best ginseng. Liu walked into the shop and asked for the ones who were looking for him. He seemed genuinely excited to be able to show his roots to two bright-eyed American entrepreneurs.

He led us out of the shop, out of the marketplace, and into his car - a police car that he got to keep after his work as a chinese border customs official. At his fields, he told us everything he knew about ginseng, how he inherited his fields, how there are 92 workers working for him, how he plants trees on the plots where the ginseng is picked because the roots use up all the nutrients...

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