Friday, June 5, 2009

The only fundamentals improving are commodities

Jim Rogers makes an real life appearance on CNBC and talks to the masses of finance news junkies in the United States.

CNBC's website is bombarding readers with articles about this Jimmy Rogers interview. If you follow this site, or if you happen to keep your eyes and ears open for Jimmy Rogers in your daily information news sessions, you know he really is not saying anything he hasn't said before.

Basic conclusion – when the reality of printing so much cash catches up with the major economies of the world, people are going to realize their stock gains are in worthless, debased currencies. When this happens, hard assets and the companies producing them will flourish. Demand for copper and steel are not going to disappear, but is just may greatly diminish for U.S. Bonds and Dollar assets if hyper inflation hits.

Get the picture?