Friday, May 1, 2009

The IncaKolaNews Weekly -- Mining, LatAm, Stocks and more

Back in May 2008, soon after I made my decision to participate the world of internet blogging, social networking, independent analysis/journalism and information exchange I stumbled upon a incredible site by the name of IncaKolaNews. It is run by a humble, well informed, intelligent guy who goes by the name of Otto.

He's down on the ground in Peru, and by "down on the ground" I don't mean living in a nice Miraflores apartment facing the Pacific Ocean in the capital Lima.

Otto is the real deal and offers a very insightful view into the real world of South American politics, mining and finance.

Check out his site @

Here are some highlights as to what the INK Weekly will offer subscribers. I have copy and pasted this information from this page where you can click to read a more in depth summary.


* Fundamental analysis of mining stocks. The weekly will include at least two NOBS reports per month (perhaps more), a format that has proved very popular with site regulars. These reports are likely to cover mostly junior miners but may include other regions than LatAm or different industrial sectors if good opportunity arises. The NOBS reports will likely aim at highlighting buying opportunities, but may also cover updates or even hold/sell calls if a company catches my eye. The reports will also eventually cover the 'Stocks to Follow' portfolio.

* Stocks to follow. I plan on developing a short list (likely not more than ten stocks at any given moment) of companies that I believe will offer strong profit-making opportunities. Once again, Latin American exposed stocks will be favoured but other regions will not be excluded for simple geographical reasons. The performance will be tracked using a model portfolio. Additionally, as 'selling well' is equally as important as a successful buy call, the IKN Weekly will not hesitate in giving 'take profit' or 'stop loss' signals. Regular readers of the blog will know how I normally call my trades on site and the principle will be the same.

* Regional Politics, but not any old gossip. Regional political or economic developments that offer the investor a potentially profitable knowledge advantage are the matters that will interest us in The IKN Weekly. What Hugo said to Evo about Barack will not interest us. The type of political development in Ecuador that allowed this blog to call Dynasty ( a buy just days before the beginning of its 300% upmove in December will most definitely interest The IKN Weekly.

* Market Watching, providing impressions, thoughts, opinions on whatever happens in the sector during the week and how you as an investor might benefit going forward. This would really be a catch-all category covering many aspects of the junior mining investment world, but a topical example would be as in yesterday morning's blog content mentioning International Royalty Corp. ( (ROY). I wrote that would be a good way to play the positive news from Barrick about Pascua Lama. It subsequently rose 13% from C$2.63 to C$2.97, with the final push made when published its news release promoting the Pascua Lama link late Thursday.

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