Wednesday, April 8, 2009

South Africa & Saudi Arabia relations --

Discovered haohaoreport this morning. A China focused version of Newsvine, Stumbleupon or Digg.

From haohaoreport I then found this great blog/site. A great, well written resource for news relating to the growing relations between China and Africa.

In this post, the author of the blog writes

A few days ago the Saudi Arabia-South Africa business Council was launched with the specific purpose of:

* Facilitating an increase in the volume of trade by easing the process of entry of products in each others markets;
* The department of Trade and Industry and the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority signed an MOU to increase flow of investment between the two countries;
* Initiatives on food security to be undertaken;
* Signing an MOU on science and technology.

Importing agricultural products from South Africa and in return exporting talent to South Africa would enhance food security. This would offer an opportunity to Saudi Arabia to move away from its focus on oil and energy products as its sole exports. Long term investments would be undertaken by this oil rich nation in the field of farming. Saudi farmers had perfected a technique of growing maize in a manner that ensured a higher level of produce per hectare, and would use this technique in Africa. South Africa remains a net importer of foodstuff and needs to reverse the scenario in order to advance economically.

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