Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Made in China - The King of Bootleg

When I was living in China I was told by a Indian friend of mine that if there's one thing he is certain about it is that China is the king of bootlegs. If you're not familiar with the term bootleg, it means: fake, copied, counterfeit, etc.

Even if a great deal of "stuff" that comes out of China is indeed bootleg, I gotta give the Chinese credit... If the entire world could create knock off Gucci bags or F1 racers maybe the rest of the developing world would all be dressing and driving in style.

I say... GO Tangshan brothers. I hope some rich playboy tries to save some $$$ and buys your car.

Had trouble embedding the video with Blogger. Click here to check out the video that shows the brothers at work on the F1 racer.