Friday, February 20, 2009

"Show me the Mao's!" China goes shopping

Since the inception of this site a major goal has been to inform and sometimes personally analyze China's growing commodity demand and increasing cooperation with emerging markets (particularly South America).

If your interested in the topic Andy Hoffman, of Canada's, Globeandmail wrote a good article today worth your time. Below I've copy and pasted a few paragraphs from the article to summarize it. You can Click here or scroll to the end of this post to access the full article from the Globeandmail.


Flush with cash at a time when most countries and corporations are struggling to gain access capital, the Asian economic superpower has spent nearly $60-billion (U.S.) in less than a week in a series of deals that will secure a long-term supply of iron ore, copper, zinc and oil.

"Cash is king and China has lots of it," said Egizio Bianchini, global head of metals and mining at BMO Nesbitt Burns, which in the past, has represented state-owned Chinese firms in several mining deals.

"China is looking and saying 'We don't have a lot of competition here and we have ready cash.' [For almost everyone else] there is no public debt market and no public equity market," he said.

Desperate for financing amid stalled capital markets and investor abandonment of the sector, resource producers are turning to China for a commodity it has in spades: ready money.

Yesterday, Brazil signed a deal to supply China with 100,000 to 160,000 barrels of oil a day in exchange for billions of dollars of investment. Under the agreement signed in Brasilia, state-owned China Development Bank will provide financing to Brazil's state-run energy company Petrobras to develop its massive oil reserves.

Click here to access the full article from the globeandmail

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