Sunday, October 4, 2009

RBS forecasts copper prices may hit a new record by 2013

Copper is likely to reach a new high by 2013 as the market moves into a deficit and further tightens in the coming years, RBS Global Banking & Markets said on Thursday.

"Copper remains our most favoured base metal," RBS said in a research note, in which it forecast an average cash copper price of $9,000 a tonne by 2013, a rise of more than 46% from the current cash MCU0 price on the London Metal Exchange. Benchmark three-month copper price MCU3 hit a record high of $8,940 a tonne in July 2008 and traded at $6,115 a tonne on Thursday.

"Copper's demand prospects are not among the best but we believe copper producers will have the most difficulty in keeping up with growing demand. We forecast an underlying market deficit by 2011 and that by 2013 it will be fast approaching pre-recession tightness," the bank said.

Copper, used extensively in construction, has doubled in price since the beginning of the year on the back of restocking from China, the world's top consumer of the metal and on expectations of a recovery in the global growth.


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