Thursday, September 17, 2009

Studies to Eliminate Dollar in Brazil-China Trade Going Slow

China and Brazil have created a work group to study the possibility of implementation of a bilateral trade program in their respective currencies, in replacement of the North American dollar, said a source in the Central Bank of Brazil.

"The negotiations are still in an initial phase, with a work group having been created with representatives of Brazil and China, who also met during the G-20 summit, in London," explained a source.

The next step should be the visit of a Central Bank of Brazil delegation to China, "despite there being no forecast as to when it may come true," said the source.

The work group should analyze the "results to be reached through an agreement that China recently established with Argentina" - the first country in South America to benefit from trade exchanges in the same currency with the Asian giant and with whom Brazil has also been developing the same program since September 2008.

The Central Banks of China and Brazil are also going to develop a "study of the potential bilateral trade volume to analyze the possibility of an agreement."

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009
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