Thursday, July 9, 2009

Peru lowers interest rates to 2.5%

Peru's macro economic picture is not as hot as one might think from
watching Bloomberg anchors on live TV talk up how the country's stock
index is one of this year top performing, year to date. Ironically
the following excerpt is also from Bloomberg

Peru's central bank will probably cut its benchmark lending rate for a
sixth month today after consumer prices fell for a second month and
the economy shrank for the first time in almost eight years.

The seven-member board, led by bank President Julio Velarde, will
lower its reference rate by a half-point to 2.5 percent from 3
percent, according to 11 of 20 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Nine
analysts expect a one-point cut.

The global financial crisis has blunted demand for Peru's exports and
sapped domestic spending, reining in economic growth and consumer
prices. The economic slump, deflation and local currency gains will
push the bank to extend its longest rate cutting cycle on record, said
Neil Shearing, an emerging markets economist at Capital Economics Ltd.

"There's been very aggressive action across the region to combat this
slump," Shearing said in a telephone interview from London. "Cuts will
continue, but will probably slow to see the effects of earlier

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