Monday, March 30, 2009

Vice Prez, Joe Biden says "US moving towards new day in Latin America

La Nacion, a Buenos Aires based newspaper published a interesting op-ed piece today, which the Latin American Herald (access their article here).

Biden stressed the importance of the Progressive Governance conference which he is currently attending in Chile.

Joe Biden with a few South American heads of state

Biden also had the guts to acknowledge much like Hillary Clinton did in Mexico the other day that the United States must “do more” to reduce the demand for illegal drugs and stop the arms trade."

He congratulated “Mexico’s brave stand” against drug cartels and the “efforts” of Colombia to combat drugs, but warned that these “will have the secondary effect of pushing traffickers towards Central America.”

“The world economic crisis has affected almost everyone. Citizens of all countries are looking for answers, looking for hope, and for that they turn to their leaders. It is our duty, as partners, to listen to their plea and together forge the solution to a shared problem, explained Biden.”