Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not good news people... Japan's exports plunge by 49%

Japan's exports plunged by a whoppin' 49% in February, the sharpest decline since at least 1980 reported Bloomberg.

In response this depressing data, Japan seems to be preparing yet a new stimulus package. Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano said that a new package of as much as 20 trillion yen ($203 billion) is “not out of line.”

Now let me ask you... What would you do if you where a fictional Anime character who's name is Naruto. You come equipped with cool ninja moves just to let you know...

Hopefully you would be able to earn some money showing off those secret skills on the streets because its obvious no one one in the world economy really wants to buy your exports. Good luck and may the force be with you all: Honda, Toyota, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, etc.

Here are some articles from major global news on the release of this depressing economic data from Japan.

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