Friday, February 6, 2009

The twisted and evil actions of Monterrico Metals (MNA.L)

For quite some now IncaKolaNews has been following the developments behind the very obvious abuse of power and torture conducted by Monterrico Metals and it's security company, Forza (part of the Swiss Securitas Group) against poor communities in the Peruvian Andes.

Check out this article from Reuters published today.

"A Peruvian security company that works for some major international mining firms faces a congressional investigation after human rights groups accused it of beating and abusing protesters in 2005 at a site it guarded.

Recently published photos of alleged beatings of protesters caused an uproar in Peru, a leading metals exporter, where remote mines guarded by private security firms are often targets for demonstrations over the social and environmental impacts of mining.

~ Reuters article via Mineweb

And these posts from IncaKolaNews to get the full story.

- Dear shareholder: Are your investment dollars paying for torture and thuggery in Peru?
- The Monterrico Torturers: Peru's Congress will lay the blame on the company
- Monterrico Metals (MNA.L): Seems like Peru is trying to kick the torturers out
- Monterrico Metals Torture: The Peru gov't opens its official enquiry

Point of this post --> Monterrico Metals and its security company Forza, are corrupt companies full of thugs who deserve to be punished for torturing and yes... killing innocent Peruvians. Warning the pictures below are bit graphic. They are from IncaKolaNews, so if you're planning on reading those posts you'll see them anyway.