Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IncaKolaNews Update -- Monterrico Metals: Journalist who was tortured and released photo evidence has reported receiving death threats

It is very typical for strongmen, with gigantic macho Latino attitudes to like to control everything. It is even more common for wealthy big shots from North American or European companies to bribe and use their domestic connections with natives to ensure they get what they want.

Well, as you can read in more detail at this post from IncaKolaNews, the journalist who published the photos of Monterrico Metals torturing himself and others is now receiving death threats on his personal cell phone.

This is very common in Peru. I was young at the time but I vividly remember the fear in the eyes of my family members when my Peruvian uncle, Lucho Iberico helped break the Fujimori scandal (where video's where made public of Montesinos bribing Peru's elite). To all readers keep this story alive and knowledge of this story alive, so that this company and the people responsible for these horrible things get what they deserve (Andrew Bristow, Richard Ralph).

Full Article from IncaKolaNews