Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chinese blast off into outer-space as global financial markets await US bailout plan

Original writing -- September 25th, 7:45pm China Central Time

Apologies to all readers in the lag in publishing of the following entries. Sadly due to "technical difficulties," a few entries written while on the ground in the great country of China could not be published on the spot.

As I wander around the parts of the net in which I am permitted to enter, I am watching the Chinese prepare to blast off into space for their third time. This time however will be the first time they actually venture outside the ship and "walk in space," as stated by CCTV 9.

Not sure if its the fact I'm in China watching live, but its quite an amazing feeling to see a country that is still developing on the verge of blasting off into space.

The mission will hopefully be accomplished using everything "made in China." The astronauts will even take traditional Chinese medicine before blast off to help with nausea. The astronauts are carrying back up Russian Space suits incase they need to ditch their Chinese ones for the actual "space walk."

Personally I hope all go smoothly with the Chinese suits, might help to restore a bit of faith after this milk scandal in Chinese standards hehe...