Thursday, September 18, 2008

News Line: South-South Cooperation -- Asia-Latin America Business Boom

1) Latin Business Chronicle: Asia-Latin Trade Boom - by Joachim Bamrud

With the U.S. economy continuing to show weak results, Latin America is increasingly betting on Asia. Latin American exporters have found eager markets in countries like China, Japan and India, while Asian companies, in turn, are boosting their exports to Latin America.

"The growth of Asia will drive the business with Latin America," says R. Viswanathan, India's ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and widely considered India's leading expert on Latin America. “Both governments and business have started looking at the potential for complementary cooperation between the two regions....

"Trade will grow despite short-term commodity price fluctuations because demand in Asia remains high for Latin America’s resources," says Michael Diaz, managing partner at U.S.-based law firm Diaz Reus, which serves many clients involved in Asian-Latin American business....

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2) Gazprom, Total to invest $45 billion in new exploration in Bolivia reports Business News Americas Russian oil company Gazprom and French oil major Total (NYSE: TOT) have signed an MOU with Bolivia's state hydrocarbons company YPFB to invest US$4.5bn in a new natural gas project in Bolivia, a YPFB spokesperson told BNamericas, confirming local press reports.

The three companies will develop the project in the southeast of Bolivia, where Total is already producing natural gas from six wells, the spokesperson said.

Production from the project could reach 26Mm3/d.

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3) Garcia and Lulu discuss increasing bi-lateral trade and investment between Peru and Brazil reports Andina News

Sao Paulo, Sep. 18 (ANDINA).- President Alan García held Thursday evening a meeting with his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to discuss about bilateral relations and the possibility to attract more investments to Peru....

President Alan Garcia and his Brazilian counterpart
Luiz Inacio da Silva in San Paulo. Photo Sepres

García said Thursday morning that during the meeting he will propose to his Brazilian counterpart “a reinforced bilateral agreement”, a kind of Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which will include speeding up a tariff exemption process....

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