Thursday, August 14, 2008

APEC economies continue efforts to establish Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area

APEC is pushing to see the creation of a Free Trade Area in including all nations in the Asia-Pacific region. It would definitely be interesting to see a true Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific region in operation. However, many obstacles remain as to what such "free trade pact" should entail-- especially since it will include many countries.

I personally question how it will over-lap, conflict, or work in tandem with the various Free Trade Agreements already in existence and established by countries of Asia-Pacific region.

For instance, will this further hinder regional economic cooperation from the Andean Community or Mercosur in South America?

Will the already established FTA agreement between Chile and China and the one currently being negotiate by Peru with China cover different issues than a pan-asia one which includes China?

Updates to come after I do some digging into some of these questions and others.

Click here to access a full story pertaining to this topic, courtesey of (Peruvian Press).


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