Saturday, October 3, 2009

Congratulations Rio de Janeiro; let the party begin

China parade marks anniversary

A nice show of retro-decadence if you ask this blogger. Pretty impressive nonetheless and indicative of China's emergence as a global power. Although, as many articles here in the West have pointed out, this type of parade was not meant to scare Western observers. Rather it was meant to dazzle and impress the 1.4 billion Chinese, and that it did...

Oct 1 - China puts up a spectacularly choreographed show of military might to mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of the People's Republic of China.

Puja Bharwani of Reuters reports.

Reuters Update: Strike at Shougang Peru mine enters fifth day

A strike of some 1,200 workers at Shougang Hierro Peru (SHP.LM), a unit of China's Shougang Group, entered its fifth day on Friday with no end in sight, union leaders said.

"We don't see a solution, there's no dialogue with the company," said Julian Sulca, a union official.

Click here to access the full article from Reuters

Monday, September 28, 2009

Protests erupt in Peru at Chinese owned miner Shougang

Reuters reported a few days back that workers at the Chinese owned Shougang Hierro Peru (SHP.LM), which happens to the only iron producer in the country of Peru, were planning a strike.

Well today the workers took action. A leader of the workers union told Reuters reporters "that all 1,200 workers at the mine had joined the labor action."

More updates to come in the days to come. Click here to access the Reuters wire on this story directly.

Back in action after 10 day hyades

Apologies to readers who check this site on a frequent basis for the lack of recent updates. I've been traveling and preparing for some big changes. Updates to resume this afternoon. For now, feast your eyes on China's preparation for its 60 year celebrations of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Sep 28 (Reuters) - Chinese authorities expect 200 million people to be on the move over this year's October National holiday and China's 60th anniversary.